Equal Opportunity and Antidiscrimination

Implementing effective policies, procedures and training on bullying, discrimination and harassment in your workplace will ensure your business is legally compliant, productive and efficient.

Employers are required by law to provide a workplace free from discrimination, bullying and harassment. As lifestyles change and the definition of the workplace becomes more varied, this is becoming harder to manage and there are many steps you should be taking to minimise legal risk and potential liability for your business.

Not only does a workplace with discrimination, bullying or harassment breach your legal obligations, it can also be detrimental to employees’ health and your workplace culture leading to increased absenteeism, increased turnover and decreased productivity.

At HR Legal our philosophy is ‘prevention is better than cure’. We focus on assisting your business to prevent issues arising through our Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Training, which we tailor to your business, and set the expected standards of behaviour for all staff. We work with you to put in place policies, procedures and processes that set and reinforce expectations, and provide flexibility for dealing with issues if they arise. Depending on your business needs, this may include:

  • Workplace Harassment and Bullying Policy;
  • Social Media and Technology Policy;
  • Grievance Policy;
  • Performance Management, Counselling and Discipline Policy;
  • Workplace Safety Policy;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • Complaints Handling Process;
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Training for all staff; or
  • Manager Training: How to manage bullying, harassment and discrimination

We work with you and your management team to draft policies and processes to ensure they can be implemented and your business can comply with them. The practical approach that HR Legal take will produce results for your business. Join our mailing list for more information or contact us to review or draft your workplace policies and procedures on Equal Opportunity and Antidiscrimination to ensure they are compliant and workable for your business.

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