HR Ace Service Model

A solution for all your employment and safety law needs.

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Employment and safety law is constantly changing and getting it wrong can be costly in many ways – this is where HR Ace comes in. We partner with your business and work with you to create a compliant, safe and effective workplace.

HR Ace Provides Your Business With

  • Unlimited phone and email advice
  • Tailored documentation, letters and deeds
  • Onsite support
  • Access to lawyers of HR Legal
  • Access to an injury management specialist
  • Critical incident advice and support
  • Workplace training for managers, human resources and all staff
  • Representation in the Fair Work Commission by HR Legal

HR Ace Services

A complete suite of tailored and practical servicesto help you create a safe and compliant workplace.

HR Audit and Documentation

  • Initial Onboarding Meeting to determine Employment Law Compliance
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Arrangements
  • Template Letters and Deeds
  • Modern Award Classification and Annual Update

Employment Law Advice

Unlimited advice on any employment related issue from the lawyers of HR Legal, including:

  • Entitlements and obligations under relevant instruments, including wages and leave
  • Independent contractor arrangements
  • Restructure and Redundancy
  • Termination of Employment
  • Performance Management
  • How to Conduct Workplace Investigations
  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
  • Human Resources and Industrial Relations strategy and advice
  • How to deal with Union Right of Entry issues
  • Parental leave and flexible working arrangements
  • Managing long term injured workers

Workplace Safety Advice

Unlimited advice and support from the lawyers of HR Legal on:

  • Safety compliance
  • Critical incident advice
  • 24/7 support line in the event of a critical incident

Workers Compensation and Injury Management Advice

Unlimited advice and support from an injury management specialist on:

  • Current injured workers and return to work planning
  • Claim management
  • Initial injury response
  • Managing liability decisions
  • Reported non-work-related injuries and conditions
  • General advice on injury and claims management.


HR Ace provides your business with representation in the Fair Work Commission for conciliations. Involving your legal advisers early reduces the need for representation and ensures your business has a clear strategy and approach if representation is required. The number of times we will represent you as part of your package will be tailored to your business requirements.

Workplace Training

HR Ace provides training options for your managers to assist them in identifying and handling employment and safety issues appropriately, while managing legal risks. HR Ace offers:

  • Onsite training sessions for your management team or other staff
  • Free registration for training courses delivered at HR Legal

The number of training sessions included depends on your business needs, and we tailor the package to your business.

Onsite Support

Some issues require more than phone and email support. HR Ace provides you with onsite support for a range of issues including:

  • Critical Incidents
  • Performance Management Meetings
  • Termination Meetings
  • Injury Case Reviews
  • WorkCover Conciliation Conferences
  • Employment Strategy Planning

We tailor the amount of onsite support to the needs of your business.

Core Advising Team

As part of your HR Ace service solution, we dedicate a team of the HR Legal lawyers and an injury management specialist to work most closely with you and your business. We partner with you, working to understand your business objectives and culture to provide truly tailored advice.

Additional Inclusions

  • Briefing on topical HR issues exclusive for our client, referrers and their guests
  • Early access to regular webinars and content on topical HR issues
  • Updates on topical workplace issues and legislative changes

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