Involving your legal advisers early reduces the need for representation and ensures your business has a clear strategy and approach if representation is required.

When a claim is made against your business it can have a negative impact on your time, financials and operations. It is imperative to seek advice and representation by an experienced workplace relations lawyer as soon as possible to establish if there is any merit to the claim, discuss the options available and the likely outcomes. Representation by a lawyer will ensure your business takes a solid position and negotiates effectively, based on a strong understanding of the law, to obtain the desired result.

The team at HR Legal provide experienced and trusted legal representation to assist you in obtaining the best possible result for your business. Depending on your desired outcome and appetite for risk, the HR Legal team will work with you to develop the best strategy going forward and execute it during representation.

We have represented employers in the Magistrate Court, County Court, Supreme Court, Fair Work Commission, Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court, VCAT, Victorian Human Right and Equal Opportunity Commission and Australian Human Rights Commission for a myriad of employment and safety related claims.

You can rest assured that regardless of jurisdiction, we have a sound reputation and diverse experience in negotiating with corporations, trade unions, governing bodies and individuals. Join our mailing list for more information or contact us if you have received a claim and require advice or representation.

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