Employment Law Awareness

It is important that, as managers, supervisors and HR professionals, you understand the implications of taking or failing to take certain actions. Decisions made have the potential to create legal risks for your organisation down the track. This training course covers key areas of employment law that lead to the greatest number of claims and litigation.

This training course covers:

  • Performance Management and Unfair Dismissal
  • Adverse Action, Discrimination & Harassment
  • Workplace Safety & Critical Incident Management
  • Injury Management and Return to Work

Training Course Duration
8 hours (Full day course)

Learning Outcomes
Raising knowledge and awareness of how different aspects of employment law can interact and the important role that they play in managing these areas will assist in managing legal risk in your business.

After this training course participants should be able to:

  • Performance Management and Unfair Dismissal
    • Explain the difference between managing performance, performance management and bullying
    • Explain the benefit of acting during probationary periods
    • Identify when performance management is necessary
    • Demonstrate how to have a difficult conversation with an employee
    • Discuss the key elements of internal workplace investigations
    • Explain what disciplinary action is and how to document it
    • Discuss grounds for termination and what serious misconduct is
    • Explain what unfair dismissal is and what to be aware of to avoid a successful claim
  • Adverse Action, Discrimination & Harassment
    • Identify what constitutes bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace
    • Explain what a Workplace Right is and the bullying jurisdiction
    • Explain employer obligations regarding workplace flexibility for parents and carers
    • Discuss general protections, adverse action and discrimination claims, including what they are and how they may arise.
  • Workplace Safety & Critical Incident Management
    • Explain obligations of employers, employees and contractors under workplace safety legislation
    • Explain what is meant by “reasonably practicable”
    • Explain the importance and role of hazard identification, risk assessments and effective risk controls
    • Discuss employer obligations about consultation
    • Understand what constitutes a critical incident management and notification requirements
  • Injury Management and Return to Work
    • Discuss the WorkCover scheme including entitlement to compensation
    • Discuss managing injuries and return to work
    • Explain how to deal with non-work-related injuries and illnesses
    • Discuss how to set expectations regarding injury management versus performance management
    • Explain why you should set goals for return to work and measure outcomes
    • Explain reasonable management action and the effect on entitlement to compensation

Training Delivery
This training course is developed and delivered by leading workplace lawyers and WorkCover/Injury Management consultants specifically for Managers, Supervisors and HR professionals.

We use handouts, case studies and allow time for questions and problem solving to ensure participants gain practical knowledge.

We do not offer this training course as a public offering. If you would like to enquire about running this training in-house for your organisation of a work team, please fill in the private courses form.

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