Independent Contracting

Implementing independent contractor arrangements can create flexibility and operational efficiencies for your business.

Adopting contractor arrangements can offer more flexibility to your business in its hiring practices. However, determining if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor is not always clear and if such arrangements are improperly introduced, your business could be exposed to an array of penalties and costs.

The HR Legal team takes a proactive approach to drafting and implementing independent contractor arrangements for your business. We work in collaboration with your management team to understand your business and human resources needs to assist in determining what engagement method is most effective. We will work with you to draft your independent contractor agreements to ensure they achieve your business objectives and reduce expose to legal and financial risks. We also provide advice on independent contractor arrangements, including:

  • Distinguishing between a contractor and an employee;
  • Superannuation, PAYG and payroll tax considerations;
  • Workplace Safety; and
  • Sham contracting

When drafting your independent contractor agreements, you can be assured that the HR Legal team have considered all the factors relevant to your business. Join our mailing list for more information or contact us to seek advice on your current independent contractor arrangements or work with us in drafting and implementing new legally compliant and effective independent contractor agreements for your business.

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