Thursday, 13 October 2022

Changes to Pandemic Management

What are the current isolation requirements?

From 11.59pm on Wednesday 12 October 2022, Victorians are no longer required to isolate after testing positive to COVID-19. This change was agreed to by all states and territories at National Cabinet, so the isolation requirements will no longer apply in all jurisdictions. However, isolation is still recommended after testing positive to COVID-19 and employers are encouraged to support the isolation of their employees.

What are the current vaccination requirements?

In Victoria, vaccination requirements will continue to be mandatory for certain health care workers under directions of the Department of Health (as opposed to Pandemic Orders). The directions are likely to reflect the current requirements in health service settings.

Employers continue to have obligations and powers under Occupational/Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation which enable employers to determine the most appropriate measures to protect their workplace against COVID-19. This can include mandating vaccinations under a policy, provided that it is lawful and reasonable in the circumstances and that the employer has complied with relevant consultation obligations.

Also, as the mandatory isolation requirements under public health legislation have been removed, employers may consider imposing a policy that requires individuals who are symptomatic to remain at home and ensure that they are asymptomatic and have tested for COVID-19 before returning to the workplace.

If your workplace requires advice on these changes or would like to discuss appropriate safety measures to address the risk of COVID-19 in your workplace, please get in touch with the HR Legal team.


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