Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Risk Management Funding-You May Be Eligible to Claim before 30 June 2015

HR Legal and Workplace HR Solutions have developed training and consulting solutions in the key areas of risk for employers encompassing Workplace Relations, appropriate workplace behaviours including Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying, Occupational Health & Safety and Injury and Return to Work management.

Our Employment Law training package is aimed at your Front Line Managers and is delivered over four modules including:

  • Performance Management including understanding “reasonable” Management action and how to conduct this in a “reasonable” manner
  • Managing appropriate behaviours in the workplace including allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination. This would also include making “reasonable adjustment” for employees with injuries or disabilities.
  • Responding to Incidents in the workplace including how to identify hazards, conducting risk assessments, incident investigations and implementing effective risk controls
  • Responding to and managing injuries in the workplace (and non-work related injuries and illnesses) including legal obligations around return to work and cost implications of long term injuries

Our HR Advice Line offers clients a dedicated telephone and email advice service providing access to senior lawyers and consultants to assist your organisation with all of your Employment Law, Health and Safety and Workers Compensation Risks. It is distinct from other advice services or Employer Associations in that your organisation will be provided with advice from industry experts rather than HR generalists. We appreciate that issues are often multi-dimensional and therefore consider your issue from all angles providing advice and solutions relevant to all areas of potential risk.

The breadth of services offered as part of this solution includes but is not limited to:

  • Advice around recruitment and selection having regard to potential risks relating to pre-existing injuries and potential discrimination issues
  • Conducting performance management or disciplinary action appropriately so as to avoid exposure to WorkCover claims
  • Dealing with complaints of bullying, harassment and alleged behaviours in the workplace, and
  • Responding to injuries whether work related or not to mitigate cost liabilities and achieve an early and sustainable return to work

Included in our service and for a low flat fee per month, your business will have access to:

  • One dedicated phone number staffed by workplace relations lawyers for all HR related enquiries
  • Dedicated email support providing a written response within 1 business day
  • Access to 24 hour phone support for critical OH&S incidents (Fees may apply for on-site support)
  • Access to template letters and deeds relating to injury management, performance management and termination of employment
  • Regular updates on employment law matters including award updates relevant to your workplace and EA
  • Invitations to free regular forums and seminars on HR “hot topics”
  • Access to discounted rates for training, consulting services and advice outside the monthly phone and email service agreement

These training and consulting solutions in most cases satisfy the approval requirements of your WorkCover Agent however depending on the size of your business and the premium payable, you may or may not be able to access Risk Management Funding. If you don’t ask you won’t know. Speak to your WorkCover Agent about whether Risk Management Funding is available to your business.

If you are eligible for Risk Management Funding you may be able to claim all or part of the costs of the attached training or consulting solutions from your WorkCover Agent meaning you can access these services at little or no cost to your organisation. It is imperative however that you complete the attached funding request and forward this to your Agent at the earliest opportunity. We have completed most of the form on your behalf to ensure that your Agent understands the relationship of these services to the overall goal of reducing injuries and illnesses and the duration of time lost claims in your workplace.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss our training or consulting services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Further information can also be found regarding the training by following this link.

RM Funding Request-Training
RM Funding Request-Phone Email Advice


This article was produced by HR Legal. It is intended to provide general information only in summary format on legal issues. It does not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on as such.

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