Monday, 4 July 2022

Phoebe Tolich promoted to Special Counsel

We are excited to announce that Phoebe Tolich has been promoted to Special Counsel. This is a significant milestone in Phoebe’s legal career and a testament to her legal abilities and commitment to clients.

Phoebe is a Workplace Relations Lawyer achieving positive outcomes for employers in Australia. As a talented and practical individual, Phoebe has excelled in her field and accelerated her career to become a Special Counsel of HR Legal.

You will enjoy working with Phoebe as she builds close relationships with all her clients, including HR Professionals, Senior Executives, Franchisors and Franchisees from a range of industries. Phoebe will work with you to understand your business objectives and workplace culture to provide support in preventing and managing employment challenges and associated legal risks.

Her pragmatic approach will ensure you receive accurate advice that works to achieve your goals on time. Contact Phoebe to work with her in proactively managing your employment needs.

Click here to view Phoebe’s full profile.


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