Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations play a crucial role in managing workplace conflict and risk in your business: whether resulting from employee performance, conduct issues or allegations of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

It is important to adequately address a complaint or allegation of misconduct, discrimination, harassment or bullying in your workplace, if it arises, to proactively manage the commercial and legal risks to your business.

Investigating a workplace issue is one of the most complex human resources tasks for any organisation. Engaging an external investigator will provide your business with an unbiased and professional investigation that ensures the level of confidentiality and confidence in the process is maintained by the people involved. Having an investigation conducted by an external lawyer adds the further benefit that any report can be protected by legal professional privilege if required.

HR Legal regularly conducts workplace investigations and our extensive experience means that we understand the need for rigour, natural justice, and sensitivity. We produce a report of findings and provide you with a solution that is practical and workable for your business. We can provide your business with support through the entire process, including:

  • Determining if an investigation is necessary;
  • Actions to prevent further harm;
  • Determining whether to appoint an internal or external investigator;
  • Planning the timelines and scope of the investigation;
  • Conducting the interviews and reviewing the evidence;
  • Preparing a report of the findings;
  • Assisting in finalising and implementing the recommendations from the investigation.

Engaging HR Legal to conduct an investigation in your workplace will provide you with the comfort that your workplace issue is being dealt with in a compliant and professional manner without a suggestion of bias. Join our mailing list for more information or contact us to assist in determining if an investigation is necessary and, if so, conduct the investigation to provide a workable outcome for your business.

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