Moot Courts: Hypothetical WorkSafe Prosecution

Employers have an obligation under work health and safety legislation to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health, so far as is reasonably practicable.

It is critical that organisations and key personnel understand obligations under workplace health and safety law. However, bringing these critical messages to life can be challenging, particularly for busy managers and leaders.

A Moot Court involves running a hypothetical WorkSafe prosecution in a mock court setting. This practical and immersive learning experience provides participants with an understanding of how prosecution of workplace safety incidents run, which reinforces the need for organisations, and all staff, to take a proactive approach to workplace health and safety.

Generally, the moot court involves the scenario of a forklift incident, a fall from heights or hitting overhead power lines, however it can be tailored for a specific safety incident. We have delivered moot courts for many clients using real life “near miss” incidents which had been the subject of a WorkSafe prosecution.

Training Course Duration

3 Hours

Learning Outcomes

After the Moot Court participants should be able to:

  • Explain personal and business safety obligations to employees and other workers
  • Explain when an individual and a business are liable for workplace safety incidents
  • Implement safety systems in the workplace and test their effectiveness
  • Identify and manage risks if a critical incident or near miss occurs
  • Identify and manage risks to safety in the workplace

Who is this training for in your organisation?

HR, Workplace Safety, Supervisory and Management staff

Training Delivery

Six participants undertake role-plays as witnesses (working from short written statements provided by HR Legal). Other participants are members of the jury and decide the verdict. This leads to discussion and practical learning. The role of judge, the prosecution and defence barristers are played by lawyers of our firm who are dressed in barrister’s robes and wigs to bring authenticity to the training.

The Moot Court can be conducted at your offices and generally requires a hall or meeting room (or it can be conducted at a local court building if available). It is suitable for groups of up to 50 people, although a larger group can be accommodated.

The Moot Court is delivered for a fixed fee, which includes preparing the scenario and witness statements, a short workplace safety introductory presentation and three lawyers playing the role of the Judge and the barristers/counsel for the prosecution and defence.

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