Franchisee Induction on Employment Law Compliance

Employment law is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to navigate. Providing new franchisees with training on the workplace relations framework and an induction at commencement of their engagement as a franchisee will support them in complying with all relevant workplace laws. It is increasingly important that franchisors provide this support to franchisees in light of the Vulnerable Workers legislation.

Not only can non-compliance of franchisees expose your franchise to fines under the new legislation, but it can also open your brand up to commercial damage through negative publicity.

This training course, tailored to your franchise network, covers:

  • The Fair Work Act, minimum conditions and National Employment Standards (NES)
  • The terms and conditions of employment under the relevant Modern Award(s), including classifications of staff
  • Other available employment instruments
  • Areas of employment law risk and how to avoid them, including:
    • Unfair dismissal; and
    • General protections
  • Workplace Health and Safety “harmonisation”
  • Workers compensation

Training Course Duration

3 hours

Learning Outcomes

After this training course franchisees should be able to:

  • Explain their obligations as an employer under the NES
  • Explain their obligations as an employer under the relevant Modern Award(s) for the franchise network
  • Discuss other available employment instruments
  • Discuss areas of employment law risk and how to minimise their exposure
  • Broadly explain their obligations to employees under the relevant safety legislation
  • Broadly discuss their obligations for workers compensation
  • Identify relevant documentation provided by the franchisor in managing workplace

Who is this training for in your organisation?

New or existing franchisee owners and managers

Training Delivery

This training course is developed and delivered by leading workplace lawyers. The training is tailored to your franchise agreements and workplace policies to assist franchisees in complying.

We provide handouts, and allow time for questions and problem solving to ensure your franchisees gain practical knowledge.

Please fill out the enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss how we can deliver this training for your franchise to ensure compliance with workplace laws.

We do not offer this training course as a public offering. If you would like to enquire about running this training in-house for your organisation of a work team, please fill in the private courses form.

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