Critical Incident Management

The critical incident training course involves three mock incidents that occur in real time in the context of a function (eg: end of year party) including an injury to an employee, gas leak and a bullying incident.

The training course involves participants reviewing existing business policies and procedures to apply these during the scenario. This training will assist management in determining if participants have a practical understanding of the procedures and the legal risks that can arise from non-compliance. Staff are split into groups with each group examining issues such as:

  • What immediate action is be taken? Why/Why not?
  • First aid / evacuation / etc
  • Notification
    • To whom?
    • What is said
    • Who takes the action?
  • What systems the business has in place to (a) prevent this incident occurring and/or (b) manage this incident if it occurs?
    • What systems exists?
    • What documents exists?
    • Do they exist?
  • What are the risks, both immediate and long term, arising from the incident?
  • How could the incident have been prevented?

2.5 hours

Who is this training for in your organisation?
Staff teams with management or supervisory responsibility

Training Delivery
The Critical Incident training course is designed to be held on site. It is suitable for groups of up to 30 people per session.

The training course includes reviewing the business’s existing policies and procedures so that they are relevant to the incident, preparing the scenario in conjunction with your business and facilitating the training.

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We do not offer this training course as a public offering. If you would like to enquire about running this training in-house for your organisation of a work team, please fill in the private courses form.

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