Managing the Ageing Workforce

The Australian workforce is ageing, which presents significant challenges for employers to manage health and safety in the workplace, while retaining and maximising the productivity of their experienced workforce.

This training course covers:

  • An employer’s legal obligations, including:
    • Ensuring work health and safety of employees;
    • Avoiding discrimination and making reasonable adjustments; and
    • Considering flexible working arrangements
  • Managing the legal risks around an ageing workforce including if an employee cannot fulfil the inherent requirements of their role
  • How to facilitate the conversations with employees around transitions towards retirement, to maximise benefits for both the business and the employee
  • How to proactively manage the needs of an ageing workforce through Work Ability programs.

Training Course Duration

3 hours

Learning Outcomes

After this training course participants should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of defining inherent requirements, pre-employment screening and continuous monitoring of workers
  • Discuss employers’ obligations in relation to flexible working arrangements and older workers
  • Explain the legal risks involved when terminating an older worker due to ongoing incapacity for work and how to avoid them, including unfair dismissal, general protections and discrimination claims
  • Explain the human maintenance schedule and how to measure employee work ability
  • Implement initiatives to improve older worker workability
  • Explain how to have conversations that generate the best outcome for the employee and the business.

Training Delivery

Developed and delivered by HR Legal, occupational therapists of Gallagher Workplace Risk and workplace psychologists of Transitioning Well, this training provides a unique learning experience for senior executives, managers, HR professionals and workplace safety professionals.
We use handouts, case studies and allow time for questions and problem solving to ensure participants gain practical knowledge.

We do not offer this training course as a public offering. If you would like to enquire about running this training in-house for your organisation of a work team, please fill in the private courses form.

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