Ongoing Legal Services for Bulla Dairy Foods

HR Legal have been great advisers for us. They play many roles. They do not provide just your traditional legal advice on a particular matter, but they provide great advice in line with our values and what we are looking to do as a company. They are down to earth and available, and very helpful.

A time that HR Legal was really there for us as a company was around a particular issues that was quite challenging and persistent. We required the support from someone outside of normal business hours and to the credit of the team they were available, responsive and their advice late in the night to resolve the situation for the best interests of all was invaluable.

It’s real, it’s honest. They treat you with respect and don’t assume you know it all; or assume you know nothing. They are always there as a true partner and are there for your outcomes.

Al Sloan, General Manager People and Culture