Enterprise Agreements

A strong industrial relations strategy supported by a tactical approach, planned communications and effective negotiations can achieve efficiencies for your business.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your workforce improves employee loyalty, productivity, engagement and retention. When operating in a highly unionised industry, this is particularly important as it can reduce the risk of industrial action or union disputes, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Implementing or renegotiating your Enterprise Agreement can reduce the complexity of operating your business, particularly if you have Award covered employees. It can also result in efficiencies for your business that could not be achieved otherwise.

HR Legal’s approach to industrial relations and enterprise bargaining is not prescriptive or formula driven. Rather the advice and support we provide is tailored to your business needs. We have extensive experience across various industries, including with highly unionised workforces, in industrial relations, enterprise agreement strategy, communications, negotiations and implementation. Depending on your business needs, we can work with you to provide advice and support, including:

  • Advising on union right of entry
  • Drafting enterprise agreements;
  • Enterprise Bargaining and Negotiations;
  • Communications strategy, development and execution;
  • Disputes with unions;
  • Industrial action and disputes;
  • Representation in the Fair Work Commission; and
  • Implementation and Approval of the Agreement.

The HR Legal team will work with you to take a strategic and pragmatic approach to your industrial relations strategy and enterprise agreement negotiations. You can be confident knowing you have effective negotiators working with you, known for their “straight shooting,” no nonsense approach. Join our mailing list for more information or contact us to develop an industrial relations strategy for your business that manages legal risk and achieves efficiencies.

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