“Stop bullying me” – What to do when an employee uses the “B” word


Event Details

19 January 2016, 12:44 pm

While school children in a play-ground may be the first picture to come to mind when we think of bullying, the workplace too can bring out the inner child in some employees.

But what do you do when an employee uses the “B” word. Just like in the school yard, in workplaces it is not uncommon that employees who may be subject to disciplinary action defend themselves by blaming others.

This workshop for employers will discuss and provide practical guidance on:

  • The actions and behaviours which can constitute bullying – and what isn’t bullying
  • The consequences of bullying and their impacts in the workplace
  • How to address bullying behaviours and incidents to mitigate legal and other risks
  • Provide strategies to manage bullies and their victims
  • Best practice process for investigating incidents
  • How to handle the disciplinary process, if and when required.


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