Migration and Employment Law Update in Current COVID-19 Climate Webinar


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1 July 2020, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

In a time of COVID-19 and associated challenges, it is now more important than ever for employers to be up to date with their legal obligations to employees, particularly visa holders. In recent weeks there have been significant changes in the migration and employment law landscape, and it is expected that further changes will be announced by the government and relevant authorities. Further, as restrictions ease, it is vital that employers manage the return to work and next stage of recovery from COVID-19 with care.

The webinar will cover:

Practical considerations and legal obligations for employers, including:

  • The current employer sponsored migration landscape
  • Migration compliance & program overview for employers through COVID-19 and recovery period
  • Stand downs, redundancies and other measures that employers can consider to managing continuing reductions in work
  • New challenges for employers and employees as restrictions ease/recovery period including where employees refuse to return to work
  • Sponsoring international employees post COVID-19

This webinar will be presented by Nikola Prestia, Senior Associate at HR Legal and Maria Tseprailidis, Lawyer at Ethos Migration Lawyers.

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  • Event Details:
    Delivery: Online
    Date:  Wednesday, 1 July 2020
    Time:  12:30pm to 1:30pm
    Cost:  Free


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