Managing Mental Health in the Workplace


Event Details

19 January 2016, 4:57 pm

World Mental Health Day Special Seminar

At any given time up to 1 in 5 employees are likely to be experiencing a mental health condition. It is imperative for Managers, Directors and Leaders in organisations to understand the challenges that mental health conditions can bring. It is important to understand your rights and obligations in respect to employee mental health to foster employee wellbeing, while at the same time managing legal and other risks

Presenters Irene Ais, BodyCare Workplace Solutions, and Georgie Chapman, Partner – HR Legal, will provide practical guidance on:

  • How mental health issues may be manifested in the workplace
  • Employers’ rights and obligations in respect to employees with mental health conditions
  • How to provide support to employees with known mental health issues
  • How to encourage safe work practices to support mental health
  • Actions an employer can take if an employee does not have capacity for work or is not meeting performance expectations, whilst minimising risks of breaching anti-discrimination and privacy legislation

This free 1.5 hour workshop will be held at Level 11, Como Office Tower, 644 Chapel Street, South Yarra.

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