Fraud, Confidentiality & Restraints – Don’t Let Your Business Become a Victim


Event Details

2 Jun - 24 Jun 20154:34 pm

Fraudulent activities, as well as theft by employees of confidential information and intellectual property can be detrimental to your business. This seminar will highlight some key examples of fraud and theft in the workplace. It will also provide employers with important preventative measures to protect themselves from this threat.

During this interactive workshop we discuss:

  • War stories including examples of fraud and theft of intellectual property and confidential information
  • How to reduce the risk within your workplace, including:
    • Pre-employment checks
    • Express terms in contracts
    • Systems and policies
    • Monitoring and surveillance
    • Awareness of the warning signs
  • Responding to suspected employee fraud and theft of intellectual property – know your rights about investigation and action including reviewing emails and searching property
  • Post employment restraints to protect your business are employment ends

This free 1.5 hour seminar/workshop will be held at Level 11, Como Office Tower, 644 Chapel Street, South Yarra.

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