Engaging and Managing Volunteers in your Workplace | Webinar


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17 April 2018, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Volunteers can be a significant, and in some sectors a primary, part of an employer’s workforce. However, managing people who are donating their time, effort and/or expertise can also be difficult.

How do you ensure volunteers comply with your policies and procedures? What happens if a volunteer engages in misconduct or bullying behaviour? What happens if a volunteer does not mean the organisation’s expectations? How do you ensure volunteers are safe in the workplace and are fit for the tasks they are carrying out?

In this interactive webinar, our lawyers will:

  • Explain the principal differences between engagement of volunteers and employment relationships
  • Explain the obligations of businesses to their volunteers
  • Discuss Volunteer Agreements and what these should include
  • Discuss how to manage a difficult volunteer
  • Explain the legal risks involved in engaging volunteers
  • Managing volunteers for mutual benefit and reduced legal risk

Delivered free and online, we encourage questions from participants at any time during the webinar. We also run polls and questionnaires to keep you engaged and interacting.

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