Election Update – Workplace Relations Changes | Webinar


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29 May 2019, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

This webinar will outline the possible changes that may occur, depending on the outcome of the Federal Election in May 2019. This webinar will also look at other relevant changes that will occur in Victoria, across a broad range of areas relevant to workplace relations:

Victorian Changes

  • Long Service Leave entitlement changes
  • Labour Hire Licensing changes
  • What is happening with the introduction of ‘Industrial Manslaughter’

Federal Changes

  • Implementation of new criminalisation of Wage Theft laws
  • What is happening with casual employees, including: Penalty Rates and casual conversation requirements
  • Changes to Carers Leave and Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Additions to the National Employment Standards (NES): The new national standard of Domestic Violence Leave
  • Vulnerable workers and increasing personal exposure for officers and managers
  • Policies of all the major parties in the election

 Delivered free and online, we encourage questions from participants at any time during the webinar. We also run polls and questionnaires to keep you engaged and interacting

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