Drug & Alcohol Testing in the Workplace | Lunchtime Briefing | Melbourne


Event Details

31 July 2018, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Employees impaired by alcohol or drugs create a significant risk to themselves and others at work. Drug and alcohol testing is now an accepted way for many employers to meet their workplace safety obligations. But which form of testing is appropriate and when? And what should employers consider when enforcing their policies?

In this lunchtime briefing, our lawyers will:

  • Discuss how employers can meet their WHS obligations through drug and alcohol testing both as part of pre-employment screening and during employment
  • Discuss Best practice approaches to alcohol and drug testing
  • Explain what to include in workplace contracts, policies and procedures
  • Explain employers’ rights to discipline employees, including terminating employment for either refusing to undergo a test, or testing positive.

Delivered free over lunch at our offices in South Yarra, we encourage questions from participants at any time. These briefings are also a great opportunity to network with other business professionals.

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