Christmas Party/ Silly Season Reminder | Seminar


Event Details

21 November 2019, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

The end of year period is a time for celebration, with internal Christmas parties and client functions to see out the year. When things go wrong it means a busy time for our lawyers.

For you to really relax into the festivities, we are presenting seminars to help employers prevent the risks in advance.

In this seminar, we will provide you with some “war stories” and give a practical guide for managing the risks associated with workplace functions.

This seminar covers:

  • Outline the types of things that can go wrong
  • Discuss the policies and procedures your business should have in place
  • Discuss the elements of good event planning and managing the event itself
  • Explain what to do if things go wrong.


Seminar Duration
1 hour

Learning Outcomes

It is important that managers and HR professionals have the understanding to minimise risk and handle incidents as they arise in their workplace as the silly season approaches.

After this seminar participants should be able to:

  • Identify what constitutes risks in the workplace
  • Discuss the relevant legislation associated with holding end of year events
  • Explain the impacts of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
  • Demonstrate how to manage and respond to inappropriate behaviour while managing legal risk
  • Discuss what serious misconduct could happen at this time of year and how to manage it while managing the legal risks
  • Explain when and what precautionary action may be necessary depending on a range of factors
  • Implement proactive measures in your workplace to prevent inappropriate behaviour.

Seminar Delivery
This training course is developed and delivered by leading workplace lawyers.

We use handouts, case studies and allow time for questions and problem solving to ensure participants gain practical knowledge. 


Our seminars, webinars and workshops are for the benefit of those working in organisations who are seeking learning and development opportunities in employment law and workplace safety. As per this, we do not allow competitors  to attend our seminars. HR Legal reserves the right to cancel the registration of those who may be a competitor to our organisations. Please note that if we note that your organisation offers similar services to ours we will cancel your registration. 

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